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Up Front with Vicki McKenna        Outside the Box with Mitch Henck     

Jason Lewis
Dec. 29. 2008: Jason Lewis (Minnesota's KTLK-FM) discusses Light Rail:

Part 1 (5 min): Road taxes are used for transit not just highways; Hiawatha in MN has $10 million/year deficit!
Part 2 (5 min): Why you should care about money wasted on light rail...
Part 3 (2 min): The Potentate of Pork; When gov't invests the motivation is political not financial...
Part 4 (6 min): Rail makes back only $.42 of each dollar 'invested'; in a market system rail would die

Up Front with Vicki McKenna
AM 1310 WIBA, 3-6 pm weekdays

7-8-09 Eileen Bruskewitz & Bill Richardson with Vicki
Part a (9 min): Scientists studying Madison saw major problems with rail; blockage of hospital access; pollution.
Part b (10 min): Why is media ignoring facts about commuter rail?; we need a human blockade train demo; people don't understand how many RR crossings will be impede them, whether traveling by car, bike, or foot.

7-2-09 Eileen Bruskewitz & Brian Schimming talk Veto Override

Call Legislative Hotline at 266-9960 or 800-362-9472 to tell them you want this veto overridden!
Part a (8 min): Doyle has put RTA and sales tax on autopilot, we don't have a voice anymore.  If legislators were sincere about the binding referendum, they'd override Doyle's veto.
Part b (7 min): No $$ for highways from RTA- was the promise a rouse?
Part c (8 min): Does anyone believe the RTA is not about trains???
Part d (5 min): Cost per rider is unbelievable; Nancy Mistele calls in to agree; let your legislators know you care!

Bill Richardson & Brian Schimming
Congestion is the problem, better roads are the solution; Gov. Doyle's veto; What do people need to know?
Part a (5 min); Part b (6 min); Part c (5 min)

Part 1 (9 min): Sun Prairie mtg had best attendance- 140 attended; 128 against RTA/train proposal and only 13 for the RTA/train. Top 3 comments against RTA: 1, don't raise taxes; 2, focus on buses; 3, tell us the real cost. 
Part 2 (2 min): Transport 2020 official goal #1 is land use!  Official goal #5 is efficient transportation!!!

Vicki and Bill Richardson: how and why the pro-train group is railroading this through, and why it's CRUCIAL for us to show up at the "Public Hearing" meetings.
Part 1 (10 min); Part 2 (7 min)

2-2-09 Vicki with Bill Richardson

Part 1 (6 min): RTA mission is to control land use! Trains=stink & noise; we don't want Cabrini Green!
Part 2 (4 min): Walk to the train? Don't think so! Traffic waits for train 160 times/day PER crossing!

1-26-09 Vicki with Wendell Cox

Part 1 (7 min): No rail anywhere has reduced any congestion
Part 2 (5 min):
Part 3 (8 min): Cars are potentially greener than mass transit

Vicki with Bill Richardson
Part 1 (7 min): Sales tax increase, MN public radio doesn't want train in their backyard,
FTA's questions about Madison commuter rail

Part 2 (4 min): WI Legislature special cmte will meet in Feb and March to make RTA happen.  
60 highways will have 180 RR crossings/day = gridlock, congestion. 

1-5-09 Vicki with candidate Nancy Mistele
Hear it here (6 minutes): Pollution, emergency vehicle delays, and the possibility of demonstrating just how
disruptive all of those gate closings will be with an actual traffic stoppage experiment so that people will understand the impact.

Vicki with Tom Rubin of Reason Foundation
Part 1; Part 2; Discussing KRM- Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee proposed train

Vicki with Bill Richardson. 
Part 1: RTA Cmte shuts down; Cmte wanted to increase taxes/give RTA more power; 120 Crossings/day=Gridlock.
Part 2: RTA Cmte was mostly pro-rail; Cost projections; Gridlock and pollution; Ambulances delayed at crossings.

8-7-08 Vicki with Bill Richardson and callers
Part 1 (10 min): 1000 'enemies' of Wisconsin and how trains will increase congestion
Part 2 (6.5 min):  Planners don't want to hear from the "Community"; Sun Prairie has spoken
Part 3 (9.5 min):  They can't afford roads and busses, but want to raise taxes for trains!
Part 4 (6 min): How 'bout a ferry??  We need to petition legislators; RTA assembly vote will be Jan '09

7-8-08 Host Brian Schimming with Bill Richardson

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Vicki interviews Eileen Bruskewitz on RTA (Hour 2)

Vicki interviews Eileen and Phil Salkin on RTA (Hour 3)

Brian Schimming discusses RTA with Bill Richardson

12-19-07 Vicki interviews Wendell Cox:
Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

10-18-07 Vicki live at CAVEMAN 3 Party on
What is a Caveman?

10-18-07 Vicki live at CAVEMAN 3 with Bill Richardson on RTA:
Part 1 (cost); part 2 (cost);  part 3 (busses); part 4 (busses); part 5 (congestion).

09-28-07 Vicki live at the CAVEMAN 2.0 party,
hour 1; hour 2

Vicki interviews Jed Sanborn on the RTA proposal
Vicki interviews Wendel Cox, expert on RTAs

Vicki interviews Eileen Bruskewitz at Montes Grill & Pub/CAVEMAN Party

Comment about CAVEMEN

Vicki on "CAVEMEN"

Vicki interviews Sam Stanley from Reason.org

Vicki interviews Eileen Bruskewitz

Outside the Box with Mitch Henck
AM-1310 WIBA, 8:30-11 am weekdays

5-29-09 Mitch interviews Rodney Kreunen and Bill Richardson

Lively and informed debate:  Madison is not Chicago, Commuter rail is heavily subsidized, trains in Madison will increase congestion, and as caller Rob points out in Part 4, the narrow corridor served by the train has the potential to hurt many individual businesses as well as the economy as a whole.
Part 1 (10 min); Part 2 (6 min); Part 3 (12 min); Part 4 (8 min)

Excellent comments from Mitch and his callers about what a waste a train would be and how we can't trust an unelected RTA with an important power such as taxing authority.
Part 1 (4 min); Part 2 (6 min)

2-4-09 Mitch interviews Randal O'Toole
Part 1 (8 min); Part 2 (8 min)

2-3-09 Mitch talks with Rodney Kreunen and Art Webb
Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4

1-28-09 Mitch talks with Bill Richardson
Part 1 (10 min): Rail limited to straight lines, buses are flexible and work fine
Part 2  (10 min): Bill's clear logic prompts Mitch to ask him if he will run for office

10-03-07 Mitch interviews RTA expert Randal O'Toole, hour 1; hour 2

Guest Host Stu Seffern interviews Eileen Bruskewitz and Randal O'Toole

Mitch and listener comments about commuter trains

Mitch interviews Eileen Bruskewitz on RTA

Mitch interviews Eileen Bruskewitz on RTA

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