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The American Dream Communicator        Week of July 20 - 24

News & commentary about urban policy in America's cities

 Mobility & Transportation
Combating the Brain-Dead Preference for Government over Private Sector - Michael Medved , Townhall
Transportation Bill Not Likely to Pass Soon – Wall Street Journal
San Francisco Light Rail Accident Results in 47 Injuries AboutLawSuits.com
Girl, 16, reports robbery near light rail station – Baltimore Sun
Taxi Provider Receives $1.3 Million To Expand Public Transportation – Tyler Morning Telegraph
Light rail at University of Minnesota may cause problems – WCCO, Minneapolis
Seattle light rail service resumes through tunnel - Seattle Post Intelligencer
Business leaders say no to light-rail referendum - Virginia Pilot
Money woes could derail FasTracks completion - Denver Post
Why American drivers should learn to love the roundabout - Slate
Tax or 'User Fee'? - CSP Daily News
The Biggest Obstacle to Bike Commuting - Megan McArdle, The Atlantic
County, City planners seeking updated plans for Fontaine-Sunset Connector - Charlottesville Tomorrow
Two light-rail trains crash in San Francisco, injuring 44 - L.A. Times
Light Rail Opening Day: Not Quite the Crowd Crush Some Expected - Rainier Valley Post
Highway program faced roadblocks - Topeka Capitol-Journal, Kansas
Security officer shot at San Diego light-rail platform - L.A. Times

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High-Speed Rail: The Wrong Road for America

Comparable Train Project Sputters

State Says Commuter Rail Line To Austin Would Cost $2.4B

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Policy Analysis: Does Rail Transit Save Energy or Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Cost will Outweigh Benefits

RTA Voting Record for County Board Supervisors

The Transportation Commission's Proposed 200 Percent Gas Tax Increase: One of Several Bad Ideas

Glad Transportation Included in Agenda

Regional Transit Vote Opposed (CapTimes 12-20-07)

Business Voice Survey

Business Leaders Cite Critical Needs

Build the Train, Starve the Buses

Point-Counterpoint: When should Dane County be allowed to vote for a Referendum?

Letters to the Editor (WSJ 11-26-07)

Nights on the MAX find Anarchy on the Rails

Letter to Editor: Transport Group Should Skip Rail (WSJ 11-13-07)

Editorial (WSJ 11-10-07) and Responses

Letter to the Editor:  Take unbiased look at RTA (WSJ 10-16-07)

Light Rail Planners to get $30 Million Surprise (TwinCities.com 10-13-07)

Fitchburg Star: Upgrades to Verona Road unlikely to alleviate congestion (FS 10-16-07)

Why Mobility Matters to Personal Life (PDF file)

The Greatest Invention: How Automobiles made America Great

Methods for Reducing Traffic Congestion in Dane County

Guest Editorial: Trolley Plan Not Dead Yet  (WSJ 8-23-07)

RTA Questions: Show Me the Money, Blown Budgets, No New Taxes!

Commuter Rail: Hold That Train  (WSJ 8-23-07)

Public Transit Ridership Will Fall; Traffic Congestion Will Increase (An excerpt from the Transport 2020 Report)

RTA Law Should Benefit All Areas  (WSJ 7-27-07)

7 Myths about Highway Congestion (A summary from The Road More Traveled)

Rail's Ok, as Long as Mayor Pays for It  (WSJ 7-25-07)

Ten Traffic Congestion Busters for Dane County


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