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Letter to Editor WSJ 10/16/07 Take unbiased look at RTA

Letter to the Editor of Wis ST Jrnl by - Gari Berliot, Madison

Wisconsin State Journal :: Your Views:: Tuesday, October 16:: page A8    

Take unbiased look at RTA 

Regarding the Oct. 8 editorial supporting a regional transit authority - one day, perhaps. However, in Dane County and Madison we have a county executive and mayor who want a rail system. They listened to a pro-rail committee and hired a pro-rail consultant who, not surprisingly, provided a pro-rail solution.

A non-biased committee and consultant could do a better job of truly studying this transportation problem and all the options. Perhaps a good solution, with believable numbers, will emerge. Then we can all decide if we want to proceed with an RTA.

Meanwhile, I think the county executive and mayor have seriously damaged their credibility by trying to get this fast ball past us. Now they need to see if it's possible to restore public trust in their leadership.

- Gari Berliot, Madison


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