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Update-Stop the Great Train Robbery




Do you want a commuter train in Dane County ?


Do you want to increase the sales tax to pay for this train?


Are you prepared for this train to cross the roads nearly 60 times between Middleton and Sun Prairie (actually the Town of Burke )?


There is less than a week for your voice to be heard on the creation of the Regional Transit Authority, the RTA. 


The Dane County Board of Supervisors will vote on creating an RTA on November 5, 2009 at 7:00 PM at the City County Building Room 201. 

Your presence is necessary.  It will be a long meeting so bring coffee, if you like.


If the RTA passes, it will have the authority to build a commuter train system which will be the largest public works project in Dane County history and it can do it without any public input. 


Before an RTA is formed, you need to tell your County Board Supervisor whether you even want to have an RTA formed.  


Conservative County Board Supervisors want the people of Dane County to vote on a referendum on whether or not to create an RTA.  It would read “Shall a Dane County Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) levy a sales tax of 0.5% on all taxable sales within the jurisdiction of the RTA in Dane County , to support transit services which could include commuter rail transportation? Yes or No.”   


The RTA will have the authority to increase the sales tax to 6%. The members are not elected so they have no responsibility to listen to us.


We cannot afford this. 


This RTA is about commuter trains.  The liberal County Board voted for trains.  The people who will appoint the members of an RTA are on record for commuter trains.  They voted for a plan that shows a $43 subsidy per one-way trip.  There will be nearly 60 places along the rail line where traffic and trains intersect.   Each intersection will delay traffic and those delays cause cars to idle, increased pollution, and frustration.   


I am opposed to forming this RTA.  If you are opposed, join the fight.  Come to Thursday’s meeting.  Contact your county board supervisor and give your opinion and demand that we have a referendum.


Spread the word—quickly.

Dane Co. Board Chair Scott McDonell will introduce a resolution Monday, October 26 to establish an RTA and allow for a NON-binding referendum.  This would be a pretend referendum, taking place after the RTA has been created!!!
TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW to speak out about this Bad and Ugly McDonell Resolution!  Help stop this Bad and Ugly Resolution from going up to the full County Board on November 5th!  Click to see the McDonell Resolution, with commentary.

What: Establishing a Regional Transit Authority, Dane County Joint Committee Hearing Public Works/ Transportation & Personnel/ Finance

When: Monday, October 26th at 6:30 pm

Sign in against the RTA and leave, and/or stay and say for your own 3 min. (Rehearse and Time it- this is a very short time)

Where: Room 201B City County Building at 210 Martin Luther King Jr Dr., Madison
To Call the Dane County Board of Supervisors general number: 266-5758
To find your supervisor's email go to State of Wisconsin Voter Public Access
Click here to email ALL Dane County Supervisors
TELL EVERYONE that Supervisor Bruskewitz has an alternative Resolution requiring an advisory RTA Referendum on spring election day April 6, 2010.  Click here to see the Bruskewitz Resolution.

As of Monday, June 29th, Doyle has signed the $62 billion budget while using his 'frankenstein' veto on the binding RTA referendum.
He doesn't think we should be able to vote on whether we want 1/2 cent sales tax for Dane County to fund the rail project! 
He has also deleted money for highways as part of the RTA.  Because we all know, RTA = commuter rail. 

Let them know you are an informed citizen who doesn't want your tax money wasted!
Contact your legislators now!

ALERT**Stop the Great Train Robbery**

On May 1, 2009 at 2:22 AM, during the dead of night, the Wisconsin State Legislature permitted Dane County to increase the sales tax for commuter trains (for a Regional Transit Authority—RTA).  This tax increase will be voted on by the legislature by the end of June 2009. 

At a time when our state and local budgets are running tremendous deficits, these legislators are raising the sales tax to pay for a commuter train that few want and even fewer would use!

Time is short
Your legislators need to hear from you.  Click here to find out who your State Representative and State Senators are, then pick up the phone and call them or you can set up an appointment to meet with them in person, email, or write a snail mail letter. 

Send a clear message.

  • I don’t want commuter trains that will increase congestion on our roads and pollution in our air.
  • I don’t want the sales tax to be raised
  • I don’t want sales tax dollars used for a Regional Transit/Tax Authority (RTA)
  • I don’t want commuter trains that few will use - they cost too much.
  • Trains cost too much and do too little; Dane County cannot afford it.

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